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When people try something they always like to be able to talk about it and tell pretty much anyone that will listen to them exactly what their experience was with the item or product or even the person or company that they had the experience with.

The master cleanse is absolutely no different. If you look on the World Wide Web via the Internet you will see countless reviews and opinions from people that have tried this method of weight loss. They have no trouble telling you how good or bad the experience was. And while you should take any review that you find on the computer with a grain of salt, it is a great starting point in starting to gather the data that you want about how the product works for others and whether it is good for you or not.

The majority of the negative reviews out there center on the fact that it is hard for you to stay concentrated on the diet and actually stay on it long enough for it to work. A lot of people get discouraged after a day or so and fall off the proverbial wagon as they are attempting to do the thing correctly. A good portion of this problem is due to the fact that folks are expecting a miracle answer to years of being toxic and they want results in a day or so. At that point people are usually getting tired because the body is somewhat starting its self and the result is they get cranky and hungry The reality is that when you have only been on it for a day up until about day five your body is going to cramp up and you will have cravings for high fat foods like greasy burgers and some really bad pizza. After day five, if you hang in there that long, most folks are over the bad part and on the way to hitting the success goals.

On the plus side, the reviewers say that after the initial few days they get a huge boost of energy that makes them feel better. They also notice an increase in the ability to see things clearly and to concentrate on what they are doing. Then they begin to eliminate the huge stock piles of fecal matter stored in the intestines and the digestive tract and they start to look and feel a lot better than they did when they started the plan.

While the reviews that you will find on line are severely mixed, you will notice one common thread in them that holds them together. That is that if you stick it out and stay on the plan as it is written and designed you will lose weight and gain confidence and the energy that you have been missing for a long time. Reviews are nothing more than opinions and not actual scientific results and most of the opinions n the master cleanse reviews seem to think it is a winner.

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