Is Colon Cleansing Safe?

If you are considering a colon cleanse, you are probably wondering....Is Colon Cleansing Safe? Colon cleansing has picked up fast among health buffs and people looking for a way out of severe gastrointestinal and lifestyle related health problems. However, like with most alternative therapies, there are various questions associated with colon cleansing. Before answering this question with a straight yes or no, let us discuss the different types of colon cleansing methods that are used nowadays.

Colon cleansing methods can be broadly divided into two kinds—while one involves the consumption of herbal supplements, laxatives and capsules over a certain period of time, the other one involves washing the colon to get rid of toxic waste matter through enemas or colonic irrigation.

Coming to how safe colon cleansing using herbal supplements and laxatives is, then we can more or less say that this process is entirely safe as long as the products you are using are completely natural and non habit forming. Keep in mind that there are many natural or herbal laxatives that might become habit forming for your colon. As a result of taking such a product for a long time, your colon might become dependent on such a product to function normally.

Thankfully, most of the colon cleansing products on the market are non habit forming but make sure that you check this out before you buy. Apart from this concern, colon cleansing through herbal supplements holds no danger at all. In fact, once you are through with your course, you will become much healthier and have the ability to fight other dangerous elements that might affect your health. You will not only notice better and regular bowel movements, you will be free from headaches and stomach cramps, fatigue, experience better metabolism and feel much more energetic than before.

As far as colon cleansing using colon hydrotherapy or irrigation and enemas is concerned, then this definitely involves more risks than the methods discussed earlier. While modern colonic hydrotherapy has more or less replaced old fashioned enemas which were not as effective anyway, it has also done away with most of the dangers associated with colon washing. The major danger associated with colonic hydrotherapy was the fear of contracting harmful infections due to the use of improperly sterilized or unclean equipment. However, most colon cleaning practitioners nowadays use disposable, sterilized and safe equipment and hoses, so this risk has been done away with.

Even water is introduced into the colon using gravity, instead of being forced into the bowel by a pump with great pressure, so there is no danger of causing bowel perforation. On top of this, modern colon cleansing kits function in a manner where both the pressure and temperature of the water flushed into your body are regulated and controlled to avoid shock and trauma. So unlike what some people might tell you, there is absolutely no risk of bowel perforation or any other problem if the proper technique and equipment is used for colon cleansing.

In spite of the fact that colon cleansing is absolutely safe if carried out as advised using proper methods, products and equipment, invasive colon cleansing is not advised for people suffering from heart and kidney diseases, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, internal hemorrhoids and rectal, anal or colon diseases where there is a risk of bowel perforation unless you are advised by your doctor that it is okay. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting any kind of colon cleansing regime.

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