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Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet: Mistakes to Avoid

There are a few pitfalls that you have to avoid when doing the Master Cleanse lemonade diet. To increase your chances of success, it is very important that you identify and recognize them so you don't fall into the same trap that others did. Note though that mistakes when doing the Master Cleanse is unavoidable, especially for first timers. Do not worry if you find yourself committing the same mistake, but keep the following tips in mind to increase your chances of a fruitful and pleasant master cleanse experience.

Dealing with cravings

Cravings are normal and unavoidable. It is an instinct - a natural desire to eat. However, it is not true that denying yourself of your cravings will lead to detrimental physiological effect. Cravings are psychological more than physiological. It is very important that you differentiate between the message that your body is sending, and which one your brain is sending. Depriving yourself of food for 10 days while under the lemonade diet is definitely not starving yourself to death. Remind yourself every now and then when feeling those cravings.

Buying the wrong maple syrup

The master cleanse lemonade diet requires a special grade of maple syrup. It requires the pure, unrefined maple syrup which may not be sold in every supermarket, but is definitely available somewhere nearby. It is the right grade of maple syrup that contains the nutrients that are natural to the product - the nutrients your body will live off on in the next 10 days.


Cheating a little will not hurt, but it is almost always what fuels the fire for failure in the master cleanse. Once you start thinking about solid foods (which mind you will be very tempting), your desires will increase. Never give in to "just one bite," or you are bound to fail altogether. Instead, you might find luxury in a small serving of freshly squeezed orange juice, then wash it down with lots and lots of water.

Not including laxatives and salt water flush

The Master cleanse lemonade diet should be supplemented by laxatives, which help effectively eliminate all the toxins through bowel movements. The salt water flush is needed to supply your body of sodium for optimum water absorption. You can lessen the frequency of laxatives and SWF, but they definitely should not be missed out during the colon cleansing.

Running out of ingredients

This is frequently ignored but happens very often. You run out of lemons, stores are closed; you think you can just drink the juice without the lemon. The diet will not work this way, so make sure you don't allow yourself to get stuck in this situation.

Breaking too fast or easing out too little

It is very important that you ease your way in and out of the Master Cleanse lemonade diet. Three days before starting the fast, start decreasing your food intake gradually. After the 10th day, do not have a feast and eat all the foods you felt you have deprived yourself of for 10 days. Instead, ease your way back into your normal eating habits. If you want the health benefits to last for a long time, make sure you don't go back to unhealthy eating habits and that unhealthy lifestyle.

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