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Are You Concerned About Colon Cleansing Dangers?

If you have been interested in cleansing, you also are probably concerned about colon cleansing dangers. As a smart, well aware individual, you must not only have come across ads proclaiming that colon cleansing is beneficial for your health, but also questioned the veracity of their claims. You might also have wondered if the process of cleansing the colon through supplements and enemas is safe or not. I hope the following information will help ease your concern about colon cleansing dangers, which we will discuss here.

There are two methods used for colon cleansing. While one involves the use of natural dietary supplements taken over a certain period, the second one is colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy, where colonic wastes are washed out by flushing the colon with water using a rubber hose inserted through the rectum.

Potential Dangers Of Colon Cleansing
Through The Use Of Herbal Supplements

  • Since most colonics are not FDA approved, they might harm your health. However, you should keep in mind that colon cleansing supplements like psyllium husk, bentonite clay and triphala etcetera are ayurvedic elements that have been used for centuries for curing a number of ailments. Being totally organic and herbal in nature, these products, if pure, will not harm you at all. The most harm that they can do is that they can fail to benefit you.

  • The use of laxatives will make your body dependent on them. As a result, your colon will not be able to function without laxatives. While this is generally true of laxatives used in allopathic medicine and some laxative teas containing sennas, this does not apply to totally natural, herbal colonics like P&B shakes and triphala. This is because these are non habit forming laxatives, which you can use over the course of your colon cleansing program and very well do without throughout the rest of your life.

Potential Dangers Of Colon Cleansing
Through Colonic Irrigation

  • Most medical practitioners advise against colonic irrigation because you might get an infection if unclean or improperly sanitized equipment is used. If you fear that you might get infected through colonic hydrotherapy, then you should get it done at a reputable clinic instead of going to a practitioner who charges less but might scrimp on cleanliness. As a rule however, colonic irrigation practitioners use only properly sterilized, disposable equipment all the time.

  • Colon cleansing will wash out the good bacteria and precious nutrients from your intestines, which might cause stomach aches, vomiting and a permanent weakening of the colon. You might also absorb too much water, which could lead to water in the lungs and even heart failure. However, your holistic practitioner might set these doubts right by telling you that you absorb only two glasses of water during colonic hydrotherapy, and this is the truth. Cleansing the colon flushes out solidified waste matter that hampers the growth of good bacteria and absorption of nutrients. So getting your colon cleaned will not only make your colon stronger, it will help in the regeneration of good fauna and improve your overall health.

As long as you do your homework and choose a reputable colonic irrigation clinic, your fears of colon cleansing dangers will be gone.

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