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What can I eat to help cleanse my colon?

The colon or the large intestine is one of the major organs in our body that aids in removal of waste. It is very essential that the colon functions properly so that toxins are removed effectively and efficiently. An unhealthy colon will result in toxins being accumulated and remaining in our body affecting different organs including the liver. Eating the right food can help the colon to do its function well, removing waste from the body and keeping it healthy.

Fiber, the non digestible portion of a food is essential in causing peristalsis of the bowel which reduces the time for a bowel movement. Fiber also has another important function of retaining moisture in the colon and hence keeping the stool soft. The recommended daily amount of fiber is around 20 to 35 grams. There are two types of fiber – soluble and insoluble. Our body needs both.

Flax seed and oats are the two top foods containing both soluble and insoluble fiber. Barley, rice, peas, beans, strawberry, apple are some of the other food that contain soluble fiber which is essential to maintain good bacteria in the colon. Cabbage, beet, brown rice, rye, whole wheat, cauliflower, broccoli, turnip are food rich in insoluble fiber essential for prevention of constipation.

It is recommended that a person has 5 or more servings of fruit and vegetables and 6 servings of whole grains. This should help provide the body with necessary fiber.

Including green food rich in chlorophyll in your diet has added benefit of cleansing the colon and healing damaged tissues in the digestive system. Some of these greens include blue green algae, alfalfa, wheatgrass and barley grass.

Beneficial bacteria like the lactobacillus and the bifid bacterium are essential for preventing the non beneficial disease causing bacteria from accumulating and hence improving the immune system. They also are able to produce vitamins from food remains. Including fermented food like yoghurt in your diet promotes the growth of these beneficial bacteria.

It is a well known fact that insufficient amount of water intake causes constipation and increases the toxins in our body. It is recommended that one has between 2 liters to 3 liters of water a day. If you live in hot climate, do a lot of strenuous exercise and eat red meat, your water requirement will increase. Every time you feel thirsty, be sure to drink plenty of water.

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