An Exercise Routine:
A Simple Step To A Healthy Colon

One of the steps in maintaining a healthy colon is to establish an exercise routine. When you exercise on a regular basis, you help stimulate regular bowel movements. In turn, this will help promote a clean and healthy colon.

How Does Exercise Help The Colon?

Participating in a regular exercise program has many beneficial effects on all systems of the body, and is very important in improving your colon health. Exercise improves blood flow, circulation and increases the oxygenation throughout the gastrointestinal system.

In addition, exercise plays a huge role in managing stress and improving your overall emotional state of mind. When you participate in an exercise program, your brain releases endorphins, which are natural morphine-like substances, which provide you with a feeling of happiness.

Scientific research has proven that the bowel wall contains the same receptors as the brain, and undergoes similar neurological processes. In essence, the bowel wall has a mind of its own. It makes decisions regarding absorption and bowel movements. These decisions are often made based on your emotional state.

Participating in a regular exercise plan offers both physical and emotional benefits, which both have a positive impact on your colon.

exercise routine

Exercise Frequency & A Healthy Colon

There are many suggestions as to how often you should exercise and how intense your exercise routine should be.

Your age, current level of fitness, and any health conditions or complications will all play a major role in designing an exercise program that is right for you.

Some research indicates that 20 - 30 minutes of moderate exercise four times per week will help you maintain a clean, healthy colon. While other research suggests that, an hour of strenuous exercise every day can lower the risk of colon cancer.

Again, your exercise plan should be based on your current level of health and fitness. It's best to consult your physician, health practitioner or a personal trainer.

Get Started Today

Once you've established an exercise routine that is right for you, I encourage you to get started immediately. It has been proven that regular exercise is beneficial to all the systems of your body. It provides you with a physical and emotional boost, and has an amazing impact on your mental outlook on life.

In addition, participating in a regular exercise program has a tremendous impact on your colon health. As I mentioned above, exercise helps the bowel regulate itself, which leads to a clean digestive tract and healthy colon.

When you combine and effective exercise plan, with a high fiber diet, pure drinking water, digestive enzymes and regular colon will be taking the steps necessary to have a clean and healthy colon. One free of harmful toxins and waste materials.

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