All You Need To Know
About Psyllium Husk

An extremely large number of colon cleansing products use an ingredient called the Psyllium Husk. This is because it is a tried and tested, non habit-forming colon cleanser that is totally natural and does not cause any side effects. Combine these qualities with the fact that this natural fiber is an extremely efficient colon cleanser and you know why this product is one of the most popular colon cleansing ingredients across the world.

What Is Psyllium Husk?

This natural ingredient is a white, powdery, downy substance that is made out of the coating of the seeds from the Psyllium plant. Also known as Isabgol, Ispaghula, Plantago Ovata, Ispaghula Husk and Psyllios, the product is used for a number of medicinal purposes, but is most common in the treatment of constipation and as a colon cleanser. It is sold over the counter in the form of a husky powder, jelly like liquid and as dry capsules that can be used during a colon cleansing regiment. It is also a major component of almost all successful colon cleansing products.So...How Does it Acturally Clean the Colon?

Psyllium belongs to a family of fibrous substances called mucilages, which are soluble, jelly like fibers that tend to retain water. Psyllium also has the ability to bulk up and hold up to 16 times its dry volume in water, which makes it a perfect material for adding volume to colonic waste and easing its passage out of the body. It is because of this reason that it is used as a bulk forming ingredient that helps in pushing out impacted waste matter in the colon out of the GI tract.

The mucilage formed by this fiber when it enters the colon lets it adhere to compacted mucoidal plaque in the colon, which is then excreted out of the system. Apart from being extremely effective as an element that helps rid the colon of compacted mucoidal plaque and other toxic wastes, the main reason for the popularity of Psyllium as a colon cleanser is that unlike a lot of other herbal and chemical laxatives, Psyllium husk is “ non habit forming” and does not have any side effects.

Can The Seed Husks Harm The Human Body In Any Way?

This is a totally natural substance that does not have any side effects whatsoever. Unlike other natural laxatives like senna, which can be habit forming, Psyllium husk can be consumed throughout life to maintain good colon health or left as and when you feel like it.

However, an important precaution that you need to take while consuming this natural bulking agent is to top it up with large amounts of water. You should not take more than two tablespoons of Psyllium per day max and each teaspoon should be followed up with at least two glasses of water. This is because Psyllium absorbs a lot of water, and a shortage of fluids can lead to constipation. Psyllium husk is also contraindicated in the case of people suffering from Diabetes and Diverticulosis.

Apart from aiding good colon health and being among the list of perfect colon cleansers, it can help in improving blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels, avoiding recurrence of hemorrhoids and piles, reducing weight and having an overall improved health.

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