What Is A High Colonic?

The benefits of getting a high colonic are now in the limelight as more and more people, including celebrities and stars have started promoting them. As a result, you also keep coming across this term whenever colon cleansing is discussed. There are various methods by which you can get a colon cleanse, and this is just one of them. A high colonic can be defined as being an alternative medical practice where large amounts of warm water are injected toward the upper reaches of the colon for cleansing purposes. Other common terms used to describe this method are colon hydrotherapy and colonic irrigation.

Having a colonic irrigation ensures that your colon is flushed clean of solidified fecal matter stuck to its walls, waste, toxins and parasites. Since a colonic irrigation gets rids of a lot of unwanted waste within a few hours, people who undergo this kind of therapy start feeling healthier, lighter and fitter right after the side effects of the therapy wear off.

While both types perform the same job—that of cleaning the colon, the main difference lies in the method by which this job is preformed. When you use regular colonics for colon cleansing, then you generally take an herbal or a natural colonic for a number of days in order to cleanse your colon. This period could range from a week to a month or more.

On the other hand, a colonic irrigation is a procedure where a jet of water is inserted into the colon through the rectum and the whole colon is physically washed for hours with warm streams of water. The procedure takes two to four hours and provides instant results in the form of a clean and sparkling colon. A regular colonic can take weeks to get your colon to this stage. In fact, most experts say that a colonic irrigation is much more effective in cleaning the colon and many experts advise that you alternate between getting a high colonic and regular colonics in order to have perfect colon health.

Compared to a regular colonic treatment, which only involves oral consumption of laxatives and colonics, a high colonic is an invasive procedure, which is the main reason why many people avoid getting it done. Because a colonic irrigation procedure requires the use of sophisticated technology and a lot of disposable equipment, they are much costlier than regular colonics. However, since they also provide better results, the cost much more than makes up for the high that you experience after the procedure.

While a colonic irrigation definitely results in good health if done properly, it can also lead to an infection or complication if it is not carried out by professionals. Make sure that the person carrying out the procedure on you is certified to do so. Another thing that you will need to ensure is that everything that goes inside your body is pre-sterilized and disposable. Keeping these precautions in mind when you undergo the procedure will ensure that your colon is restored to perfect health in a safe and risk free manner.

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