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Master Cleanse Celebrities - See Who's Doing It

If something works then people will use it. It truly doesn't matter if you are the house wife down the street or a hot Hollywood starlet getting ready for your next movie. If someone has a way for you to lose weight and make you feel better and it actually works and is easy to do and doesn't involve major reconstructive surgery, there is no way that people will not try it out. Even if you have endless amounts of money, why would you waste it when something like the master cleanse diet is so effective and affordable.

There are a lot of celebrities that are taking advantage of the quick weight loss program that is known as the new Master Cleanse diet. These people include but are not limited to Singer and actress Beyonce Knowles who has used the master cleanse diet to get herself ready for major movie roles because it is fast and easy and it gets her the desired results making her look fabulous in short order.

Singer and actress Ashanti has also been credited with stating that she used the lemonade diet to take off eight pounds and has managed to keep that weight off. She said that she managed to fight off the hunger cravings that came with the master cleanse lemonade diet by grabbing fruit when she absolutely had to have something to east.

The rap singer Trina actually admits to have been on the master cleanse diet for as long as thirteen days in arrow as part of her routine to get and stay slim. He won rap and Hip Hop artist awards in the American music Awards in 2005.

Howard Stern's side kick Robin Quivers wanted to go on a diet to try and lose some excess poundage and after doing the master cleanse diet a total of three separate times she has lost what is an amazing seventy three pounds. She claims that she thinks that it has helped her relieve her joint pain and a bout with chronic fatigue syndrome. She actually went from 218 pounds down to a very nice looking 145 pounds using the master cleanse diet.

There is also an actor named Jared Leto who was the man who played the part of John Lennon's killer in the film titled Chapter Twenty Seven. In order to become a believable actor in the part of Mark David Chapman he had to gain sixty two pounds to fit into the role. Once the shooting of the movie was over he turned to the master cleanse diet to shed those pounds and took care of managing the hunger pangs by eating fruit when he was hungry.

Celebrities know a good thing when they see one and when they can spend whatever it takes to get the job done and yet they still choose to use the master cleanse diet to drop the weight, it stands to reason that there must be something there that is truly working well for them.

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