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7 Day Colon Cleanse Diet:
Jumpstart Your Way to Better Health

The 7 day colon cleanse diet promises that you rid your colon off toxins and impurities that have accumulated in years. You may be wondering: is it possible to eradicate years and years worth of toxins from junk food and unhealthy habits with just 7 days of colon cleansing? Probably not. But this does not mean that a 7 day colon cleanse diet will not work because in fact, IT DOES WORK.

However, it is hardly ever possible to remove years of unhealthy lifestyle by just swallowing a pill for only seven days. You will feel a big difference after a week of colon cleansing, but if you want the results to last, you must make a commitment towards a healthier lifestyle. It does not mean that after the cleansing week of religiously eating fiber-laden fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water, you are already in perfect health. Nor does it mean that after the cleansing, you are free to get back to the old unhealthy habits which you have missed out on during the week.

What it really means is that that there is no better way to jumpstart your way back to health than the 7 day colon cleansing diet. To prevent those impurities from clogging up your colon again, there are significant lifestyle changes that you need to embrace. You should say goodbye to junk food, processed food, food high in sugar, and even unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol. If you finish a cleansing diet and get back to them, you only allow the vicious cycle to continue such that eventually, the 7 day colon cleanse will not have long term effects on your health.

Once the walls of your colon are cleaned, toxins will not re-accumulate if you continue with a diet rich in fiber and water. You can consume wheat bread and pasta and other high fiber foods, or you can opt for Metamucil tablets. You should aim to intake at least 3 grams of fiber in most meals.

The 7 day colon cleans can bring tremendous benefits to your body. It can detoxify your digestive system and restore your overall health. It is suggested that you do at least one or two cycles of colon cleansing to make sure all the toxins in the colon are eliminated and further build-up is prevented. To ensure optimum favorable results, in between these cycles, make sure you lead healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

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