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Truth About Colon Cleansing:
Is Colon Cleansing Really Safe and Effective?

If you want the truth about colon cleansing, then this article is for you. Is colon cleansing really safe and effective as many people and websites claim? To keep it short and simple: yes, it is. But only if done properly.

Many people (and this may include you and me) live sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle and habits like consuming junk food, overeating, even indulging in smoking and drinking. This leads to the poor functioning of the digestive system and the buildup of impurities in the colon. The more unhealthy substances we introduce to our system, the more stress we put, the harder it becomes for the colon to completely remove them through bowel movement. The problem is that these toxins contaminate the blood stream and the entire body for that matter, leading to detrimental effects in our health.

This is where colon cleansing comes in. Colon cleansing is aimed at reviving the colon and restore its normal function. There are various ways by which you can cleanse your colon:

Colon cleansing products

There are a number of colon cleanse products available in the market today. They can range from detoxifying laxative teas, powder supplements, or in tablet or capsule form. They usually require you to engage in some form of fasting or restricted diet. These colon cleansing products usually contain fiber, herbal laxatives, probiotics, magnesium, citric acid and bentonite clay.

Hydrotherapy or Enema

This involves a more complex procedure done by a hydrotherapist. In this method, a tube is inserted into your rectum, and water is pumped into your colon to flush out contents. This is the most natural way of colon cleansing, although it involves some discomfort. There are home enema kits now available so you can do hydrotherapy at home.

Are these methods safe and effective?

There is no doubt that hydrotherapy is effective in flushing out impacted waste in the colon. It is generally safe if done the right way or done with the help of a medical practitioner. If done wrong, there is some risk of colon perforation and potential electrolyte imbalances.

On the other hand, there is one truth about colon cleansing products that you should know: not all products out there in the market work, not all of them are safe. It is then very important that you choose the right colon cleansing program or supplement to live by. The key to making the right decision is to do your own research. Take time to read reviews and check on company background before spending your hard earned money. This is one of the best ways to make sure that your colon cleansing program will indeed be safe and lead to the promised health benefits.

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