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In the recent years, colon detoxification has become one of the most popular health therapies. There are now a number of colon cleansing products in the market to help you rid of hardened fecal matter, parasites and toxic materials that reside in your colon. However, even if there are dozens of products out there which claim to be effective in cleansing the colon, there are only a handful of top colon cleansing products that actually have the right ingredients, formulation and quality to be really effective. There are even fewer products which present adequate research on the concept behind their colon cleansing regimen. Still, very few products have independent customer testimonials to validate their claims. You will notice as you do your research that each company insists on having the best and most convenient colon cleansing program. However, do they really work as they promise?

Here are top colon cleansing products that are popularly reviewed online today:

Colonix Program by

Colonix contains a special formula based more than 40 herbal ingredients which have been proven through research to be effective in colon cleansing. This is available in powder form, which is claimed to be more effective than tablets or capsules. The product comes with it a 60-day money back guarantee and a clearly defined return policy. It proves to be a well balanced, convenient cleansing formula which costs about $55 to $99 for a one month kit.

The Perfect Cleanse by Garden of Life

The Perfect Cleanse offers a combination of well-research colon cleanse ingredients contained in three different products. These are called Purify, which cleanses the liver; Capture, which is actually fiber to detoxify the colon; and Remove, which aids in the toxin removal. This product is relatively new in the market released by a reputable site specializing in natural health. The 10-day program costs $20 a pack.

Puristat by Abbott

This is a colon cleansing product with an effective formula commercially available in tablet or caplet form. The 21-day cleansing costs $114.95, but includes a supply of digestive enzymes, digestive nutrients and probative. Dual Action Cleanse by Cellular Research

This formula contains the right ingredients for colon cleansing and sold in tablet form. It promises to cleanse the colon and at the same time purify the body. It comes in two separate bottles to address these separately: the Colon Clear Formula and the Total Body Purifier. The kit costs $59.90. Bowtrol by HealthBuy

Bowtrol also contains various good ingredients needed for colon cleansing. It is a single product colon cleanser which HealthBuy claims to be safe to take for the rest of your life. A one month supply of the product is $39.95.

What is most important when choosing from top colon cleansing products is to do your own research. Make sure you check on the product effectiveness based on ingredients and customer feedback. Also, do a background check on the company that released the product and make sure they are reputable in the health field. Finally, make sure that the product offers you the best value for your money.

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