Stanley Burroughs

Inventor of the Master Cleanse Diet System

The Master Cleanse Diet has become extremely popular nowadays, especially with celebrities like Beyonce Knowles and Robin Quiver swearing by it. More and more people are turning to the Master Cleanse in order to get rid of toxin induced ailments and to lead a healthy life, as a result of which its founder, Stanley Burroughs has gained more popularity than he ever did in his lifetime.

Stanley Burroughs was an alternative medicine practitioner, theorist and writer, and while the "Master Cleanser" diet has been his most famous and popular contribution to the world of alternative medicine, he is also known to have propounded many other treatments like light therapy and reflexology.

Many people think of Stanley Burroughs as a fad diet creator, especially because the Master Cleanser is nowadays used mostly for weight loss. However, Burroughs had created this diet especially for treating ailments of the digestive system and stomach ulcers. The Master Cleanser or the Lemonade diet was developed by Burroughs as means of treating stomach problems using naturopathy and not as a weight loss program.

Unfortunately, the Master Cleanser, which can actually help in healing a number of ailments, is generally being used as a weight loss diet program in current times. Most modern day nutritionists have been propagating the Master Cleanser diet as the ultimate weight loss program. Mr. Burroughs, on the other hand, had developed it in an effort to make people live a healthier life by ridding their body of disease causing toxins. Weight loss has been listed by Burroughs as being just a side effects of the master cleanse diet in his “Original Book of The Master Cleanser”, where he has introduced the whole theory about the master cleanse.

While there is no harm in using the lemonade diet as a simple, easy and natural method of losing extra weight fast, we can benefit further from the same if we thought of it more as a detoxifying diet and used it to rid our body of disease causing toxins. The master cleanser has been formulated in such a manner that it helps in the removal of all kinds of toxin wastes from different organs of the body. Almost all of us consume foods that are super refined, full of preservatives, additives, colors and other chemicals. As a result, our bodies are storehouses of toxins cannot be eliminated on a daily basis.

The master cleanser is an effective method of cleaning out wastes from the liver, kidneys and the digestive system. The master cleanser diet also gets rid of toxins that get deposited in joints, glands, cells and muscles. The diet also helps in cleansing the colon of impacted fecal matter and wastes and in improving the function of the digestive system.

As a result of all this, the master cleanser diet can bring about major benefits for people suffering from gastro intestinal problems, immune system issues and muscle and joint pains. With the removal of disease causing toxins from the body, all the organs start functioning in a better manner since they get to dedicate themselves to their respective tasks instead of fighting unwanted toxins.

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