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The Masters Cleanse: Five Simple Tips for Success

If you intend to do the Masters Cleanse diet, know that finishing it through day 10 is a challenge. It may be the most difficult thing to endure, especially if you have had no previous experience with detox and fasting diets. Unfortunately, many people never get to finish the entire cleanse for various reasons. There are a few tips you can follow to increase your chances of success with the masters cleanse.

1. Decide on the exact day that you intend to start master cleansing. If you have a planner or a calendar, mark this day red. Timing plays a central role in the success of your cleansing diet. Choose a time when you are least stressed, when there are no special occasions that would tempt you to eat, or activities that would require strenuous effort. Pick a time when you are most relaxed; you don't have to miss work to be on this diet, you only have to make sure that your working conditions are most ideal for you to get through this diet.

2. Grab a pen, then list down everything you want and hope to accomplish with your master cleanse diet. Be very concrete about your goals. You can specify weight loss or increased vitality. You can even list down emotional goals such as self-confidence, or even looking better for a wedding or a party. This list can be very helpful in motivating you to finish the diet.

3. Make sure you get yourself a support group. Support from family and friends can also help you succeed. Make sure you make everyone close to you (those that you see everyday and on most days) that you are undergoing the masters cleanse. They will surely support you in times of weakness and most importantly, they will not tempt you into consuming oh so tasty food!

4. Plan out activities that you will do on your free time. While on this diet, it is very important to become preoccupied with pleasant things so you don't come even close to breaking your diet. Schedule activities like movies, reading a good book, spa, or a visit to the hair or nail salon.

5. Get rid of potential traps around the house. A few days before your scheduled master cleanse, make sure you take out as much of what might potentially sabotage your diet - food. The less food you see, the lesser the chances that you might get tempted to break the diet. This might be a simple tip, but many people seem to take it for granted. You might think now that you have the strongest of all will power to resist a pack of chocolate chip cookies. Give that 5 days without food, and you will realize how cookies are the tastiest food ever - even calling out to you in your sleep.

These may be just simple tips that should be easy to follow, but for most people, these tips are thin lines that separate success and failure in the masters cleanse diet.

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