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Master Cleanse Side Effects:
Rapid Detox Comes with a Price

The master cleanse diet is undoubtedly a very effective way to detoxify your body, lose weight and be healthier. However, this rapid detoxification comes with a price. It is very important for you to be aware of potential master cleanse side effects. Knowing them will allow you to properly manage them once you start your diet.

Tiredness and fatigue. Energy fluctuations are quite common when doing master cleanse. Although at the end of the master cleanse, you will fell revitalized and energized, you may initially experience tiredness. This is because the body diverts all its available energy in detoxifying and healing your system that you have lesser energy for daily activities. With the decreased calorie intake, the stress on your system can lead to undue fatigue. Expect this tiredness and fatigue, along with accompanying irritability and mood swings, to only last for a few days. Drinking plenty of water can also help cut down headaches and body pains.

Frequent trips to the bathroom and discomfort. This is probably an obvious side effect. In the first place, the master cleanse is designed to get rid of waste and toxin build up. These toxins are usually acidic, so discomfort during bowel movement often occurs. The master cleanse is supplemented by taking herbal laxatives which stimulate the colon to expel the waste materials faster. Taking these laxatives would mean frequent trips to the bathroom. You do not have to stop your daily activities or stop working when doing the master cleanse, you just have to make sure you have access to a clean bathroom when you need to go. Also, expect a noticeable difference in the fecal waste you pass. There might be heavy mucus and heavy sludges. Some people report passing gall stones while on the master cleanse.

Other side effects. While on the master cleanse, your body will purge out the toxins present in your system in all ways possible. This means that other master cleanse side effects may be felt. Some people report to experience excessive ear wax, heavy sinus draining, excessive sweating, and white coating in the tongue. Do not be worried when this happens to you. Instead, take comfort in the fact that your master cleanse program is indeed working as it should.

Rapid detoxification through master cleanse indeed has a price. However, if you compare these side effects with the benefits that you are bound to enjoy at the end of the master cleanse, you will realize that the good far outweighs the bad. Note that master cleanse side effects usually occur only for several days. At the end of the 10-day period, you will enjoy all the health benefits and realize that all the trouble was indeed worth it.

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