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Master Cleanse Diet and Weight Loss:
The Real Score

The popularity of the Master Cleanse diet can be largely attributed to its weight loss effect. What attracts people today into doing a master cleanse is the possibility of losing weight fast. Even popular artist Beyonce Knowles has reportedly lost 20 pounds in just 10 days. What is the truth about the master cleanse diet for weight loss?

Master cleanse can help you lose weight; this is undeniable. How does this diet make you shed off pounds? Most of the weight loss you will experience while on master cleanse is weight loss from fecal matter that has accumulated for years and years inside your body. A percentage of the weight you shed is caused by losing water.

Technically speaking, master cleanse is a fast since you will deprive yourself of eating your usual solid food. However, you still intake some amount of calories from the lemonade juice that you drink. The concoction also provides you with many of the nutrients you need to stay healthy and remain energized. The cleansing usually lasts about 10 days, although some people reportedly have last up to 45 days on lemonade juice along.

Because you lessen your calorie intake by more than half, dramatic weight loss can be expected, especially in the first few days. The drastic weight loss actually come as a surprise for some people, so much so that it scares them. However, you should know that this weight loss is not the unhealthy type of weight loss. It is weight loss due to shedding off of unwanted toxins and fecal matter, and of fats as they get burned up for energy.

Do realize though that the Master Cleanse was not designed as a weight loss diet. The concept of Master Cleanse for weight loss is not the reason why this diet exists. Master Cleanse promotes weight loss, but most importantly, it is a detoxification diet that rids the body of unwanted impurities and gives you an invigorated, renewed overall health.

Many people insist that the Master Cleanse diet only provides temporary results. This can be partly true. Imagine finishing a 10-day Master Cleanse, after which you go back to the same old unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits consisting of foods with high sugar, sweets, junk food and processed food. If this is how you do it, you eventually get back the weight that you lost with the Master Cleanse.

On the other hand, if you complete the Master Cleanse diet and then commit yourself to good and healthy eating habits, you can expect the results to go a long way. Master Cleanse for weight loss also extends in the fact that the detox process helps in controlling craving. The diet establishes your self-control and discipline, and once it is in place, you don't have to worry about eating too much or eating unhealthy. You shed off those pounds and become healthier, not just for a few days but possibly for the rest of your life!

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