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Lemon Juice Colon Cleanse: How Safe Is It?

Thinking of doing the lemon juice colon cleanse, popularly known today as the "master cleanse?" Before you jump right into the bandwagon and join the increasing number of colon cleanse believers, take time to find out whether it really is as safe as many people believe it to be.

What is lemon juice colon cleanse anyway? The "master cleanse" diet involves drinking of about 6 to 12 glasses of a special lemon juice recipe. The juice consists of organic lemon juice, pure water, cayenne pepper, grade B or C maple syrup, plus some laxative. It is usually done for 7 to 10 days, as this is the length of time needed to cleanse the colon and see actual results.

Many people who have done the lemon juice colon cleanse report renewed vitality, greater energy, better skin and improvement in various health conditions. The key behind this diet is that it allows the body to take a rest from its digestion process and give it time to heal naturally through natural ingredients. In turn, the body expels the toxins that have built-up for years in the colon as well as the other parts of the body.

Is the lemon juice detox safe? This colon cleanse method requires you to stop eating as you normally would for a few days. Many detox non-believers would insist that it is unsafe to deprive the body of its much needed nutrients as it will result in low metabolism, which in the long run, will produce undesirable effects. They insist that the results of the lemon juice detox diet is temporary as lower metabolism results to faster accumulation of fat and toxin.

However, the popularity of the lemon juice colon cleanse stems from the fact that it works as safely as can be. It can be unsafe for those who do not take extra precautions or prepare well emotionally and physically for the haul. To safely do a lemon juice detox, follow the following tips and suggestions:

Plan ahead and get ready. A week before you do your detox, make sure you prepare your body for the haul. Drink less sugar and caffeine to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Try eating less than normal to prepare yourself of little food intake the following week.

Skip the laxative if you can't tolerate them. Many people seem to have difficulties with the laxative. Do not force yourself to take them, feel free to put in half the dose, or even none. You can start out with half a dose to determine how your body can take them.

Choose the right timing. Don't do a detox if you are stressed, as it can make you sick. Never do a detox if you are pregnant or if you suspect that you are, if you have liver or kidney problems, if you have eating disorders, or in medication.

Take things easy. Allow yourself time to rest and relax. As you mark the third or fourth day, things can start getting difficult - you may feel irritable or tired - these are signs of the detoxification process.

Never force your body to do something that it can't do. Before you do a colon cleanse, make sure you know your body well enough to know what warning signs to look out for.

Make the results last. At the end of the diet, do not go back to fast-food or binge eating. Try putting on a healthier lifestyle and appreciate the lemon juice colon cleanse results even more.

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