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Karo Syrup For Constipation

You've been dealing with constipation and so far it doesn't seem as if your bowels are feeling any better. You feel achy, bloated and frustrated but you are tired of dealing with over the counter medicines and you don't know if the fiber and fluids you've been adding to your diet are going to help. Your stomach is already upset and you are not fond of putting it through any more strain. What can you do to help relieve your symptoms and get everything going regularly again?

Try Karo Syrup For Constipation

Clinical research has shown that Karo syrup is actually a very good remedy for constipation. In fact it's much better than using those over the counter drugs we usually fall back on.

Over The Counter Medication versus Karo Syrup

Over the counter remedies have a lot of faults even though they can be helpful too. They can be habit forming, dehydrating and even cause our constipation to worsen when we take them too often. To make matters worse they also put our heath at risk by killing the positive bacteria in our bowels. These bacteria are responsible for keeping the walls of the colon and bowels clear of fecal matter. Absence of these bacteria in the bowels will cause a blockage as the fecal matter passing through the bowels begins to adhere to the walls. Soon the bowels will require laxatives to function and the nerves in them begin to degrade and fail.

Karo on the other hand is a food. It stimulates the bowels into function without chemical stimulants, allowing the intestines to get going again without damaging the nerves. Karo is also a very basic solution that helps to lubricate stool through the digestive track. This also means that its safe for infants as well as adults (in fact Karo syrup and evaporated milk were the original formula solution). It also doesn't weaken the muscles and nerves like habitual laxative use can.

Are There Any Precautions with taking Karo Syrup for Constipation?

It was believed not so long ago that Karo syrup should be avoided along with honey in children under 2 years due to a risk for bacterial contamination that had been found in honey. In fact this has since been proven to be an unfounded concern and it has once again begun to be used for infants with constipation. The trick is not to use too much, for an infant this means a dose of about ¼ teaspoon mixed into water once a day, for adults up this dose to about 1-2 teaspoons stirred into a glass of warm water.

Karo syrup for constipation takes longer than standard laxatives to be effective. It is also important to know that for severe cases Karo may not be enough. If you have a severe or chronic case of constipation, see your doctor for advice on how to relieve your symptoms. Never disregard your constipation if it persists longer than a week or so, you have bloody or black stools, if you require using your fingers or hands to move your bowels or there is pain. These are all symptoms that could point to something more serious.

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