A Beginners’ Guide To An Ion Cleanse Detox

Health problems across the board are increasing dramatically and an ion cleanse detox is important in a generation that is burdened with the greatest toxic load ever. We breathe, eat and drink chemicals, preservatives, additives, herbicides, pesticides and other toxins freely and unconditionally through food, air and water. As a result of this, our bodies become toxin storehouses where harmful chemicals inhabit every nook and cranny ranging from our vital organs to joints, muscles, bones, arteries and tissues. This in turn makes us much more susceptible to life style related diseases, immune system problems and allergies.

What Is An Ion Cleanse?

An Ion Cleanse or the Ion Cleansing Detoxifying Footbath is one of the most effective, simple and fast methods of detoxifying the human body to get rid of disease causing toxins.

How Does Ion Cleansing Work?

Ion cleansing machines create an array of positively and negatively charged ions. Through the process of osmosis, these ions are used to attract oppositely charged toxins from the body, which are then attached to the charged ions and flushed away. All that a person undergoing an ion cleanse has to undergo is to sit comfortably with his or her feet dipped in the footbath of the ion cleansing machine.

The water in the footbath is charged with negative or positive ions based upon the toxins that are being targeted for osmosis. Toxins from all over the body are drawn out of the system through the 500,000 sweat glands present in the feet. The whole process is absolutely painless and takes just 30 minutes. However, for a complete detox, you might have to undergo a number of sessions.

How Effective Is Ion Cleanse Detox?

Even though ion cleansing is fast and painless, it is highly effective and people undergoing even a single session will feel renewed vigor and energy. You also get to see the toxins being drawn out of the body as the water in your foot bath changes color as and when the ions attach themselves to toxins. Depending upon the types of poisons present in your own body, you will get to see toxins ranging in color from yellow and brown to green and black.

What Are The Benefits Of An Ion Cleanse Detox?

• Ion cleansing purges the body of all kinds of harmful substances, which leads to healthy people experiencing greater energy levels, better metabolism and a general feeling of better health and well being.

• Ion cleansing also helps in relieving symptoms of various ailments, especially joint pains, swellings, edema and gout. For continued relief, patients often go for regular ion cleanse sessions.

• Many skin problems, which result from toxicity in the body, are often cured with ion cleansing. People suffering from acne and other skin conditions can often find great relief with ion cleansing, especially if it is conducted along with colon cleansing.

• Ion cleansing is a complete detoxification method, which can rid the body of almost all types of chemical toxins. Ion cleansing sessions can also be varied in order to target certain specific toxins based on the conditions a person is suffering from.

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