Colon Hydrotherapy:
Get The Facts

Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy, also referred to as colon irrigation, colonics, colon therapy or high enemas, is a form of colon cleansing that is designed to detoxify the body. This procedure uses water for internal cleansing of the colon (large intestines), without the use of drugs or chemicals.

A colonic is a relaxing and restoring treatment that is both pleasant and effective. Most people who have experienced a colonic report relief of ongoing health problems after their first treatment. In addition, vitality and energy levels are quickly restored back to normal.

Picture of colon hydrotherapy room

How Does It Work?

Colonic hydrotherapy is a natural and gentle irrigation of the colon. This process cleanses the colon of toxic waste materials by repeated, gentle flushing with purified water. The colon irrigation procedure also exercises the colon muscles, helps reshape the colon, stimulates reflex points in the colon, and helps hydrate the entire body.

A colonic is relatively painless and is actually quite a relaxing procedure. The process is completely private, and is performed in a comfortable treatment room with only the client and a professional colon therapist.

Following a colon irrigation session, you feel lighter, more energetic and have a sense of well-being. Colonics can assist you in creating a fully holistic view of your body's functioning, leading to a better quality of life.

Benefits Of Colon Therapy

If you decide that a colonic is the colon cleansing program that is best for you, here are some of the amazing health benefits you may experience...

  • Compression of neighboring organs disappears.

  • Reduction of weight - Due to the elimination of the fecal matter.

  • Reduction of pressure in the intra-abdominal area.

  • Removal of parasites from the body.

  • Stimulation of peristaltic action of intestines - This helps you become "regular" again.

  • Sensation of well being - Due to the elimination of the toxic waste materials.

  • Relief from gynecological disorders.

Holistic colon irrigation or hydrotherapy is a safe and effective way to cleanse your colon and achieve an optimal level of health.

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