A Colon Cleansing Tea

A Natural & Gentle Solution

Have you heard of a colon cleansing tea? Having a clean colon is one of the most important things required to aid a healthy life. A dirty colon that is clogged with solidified wastes and toxins is not only a cause of many gastro intestinal problems, but is also directly responsible for causing headaches, migraines, joint pains, acne and body aches and etcetera. Since colon cleansing can help restore good health easily, a large number of people are exploring this alternative medicine practice. There are various methods by which you can clean your colon ranging from colon hydrotherapy to taking dietary supplements. Out of these, one of the best and the easiest method of restoring colon health is consuming colon cleansing teas.

These teas that are specially formulated using a number of herbs that gently but effectively restore the colon back to a clean and healthy state. They work by gently eliminating solidified waste and toxins from your body without causing any severe side effects.

Using a tea is the easiest method of cleaning your colon because all you need to do is consume the tea three or more times a day. Compare this to a colon hydrotherapy procedure, where your colon is physically washed for hours in order to get rid of toxins and wastes and you will understand why specially-formulated teas are so popular among colon cleaning experts and enthusiasts.

Most of the teas available in the market are composed of a number of herbs. While some of these herbs directly help in cleaning the colon, others help in soothing the stomach during the cleansing process. There are a number of colon cleansing teas that also contain detoxifying agents. These teas not only eliminate colonic wastes but also help the body get rid of all its toxins. Other types of teas often have herb and plant extracts that assist the human body in getting rid of parasites and other harmful bacteria.

Some of the most common herbal ingredients used in the teas are Rhamnus purshiana bark (Cascara Sagrada), Cassia senna leaf (Senna), Rheum palmatum (Rhubarb), Rubus idaeus leaf (Raspberry), Berberis vulgaris bark (Barberry) and Chamaemelum nobile(Chamomile) etcetera. Some other common ingredients are ginger, mint, lemon and cayenne pepper extracts.

While some of these herbs act as cleansers and detoxifiers, others act as laxatives and soothe the gastro intestinal system. The composition that you use and the number of times you will need to consume the tea per day will depend upon your lifestyle and your colon’s health. Different brands also specify different dosages.

Using a colon cleansing tea for a specified period of time will not only improve your colon’s health and functioning, it will also detoxify your whole body and you will experience much better digestive and overall health. One thing to keep in mind is that even though the tea is all natural and gentle, you should not use it for more than the recommended period of time since some of the laxatives present in tea can be habit forming for your digestive system.

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