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Colon Cleansing and Weight Loss:
Is There a Real Connection?

Colon cleansing and weight loss: surely you have heard of this! Colon cleansing today has become one of the most popular means of losing weight. Note though that colon cleansing is not and was never designed for weight loss. What makes colon cleansing a better option for weight loss than popular diets and fad diets is that it offers more health benefits on top of the weight loss advantage.

It is know that there is about 10 to up to 20 pounds of lodged mucoid plaque in our colon. This resulted from years and years of accumulated waste that have not been properly excreted by the colon. If these accumulated waste were to be eradicated from your body, you will expect to weigh less by this number of pounds. Your concern now will probably be on whether or not the results will be noticeable.

Note that colon cleansing programs involve some form of fasting. The profess behind cleansing the colon is that you allow your body to detoxify by not consuming solid food that may commence further deposition of waste in the colon. Cleansing diets would involve consuming only fiber rich foods or vegetable and fruit juices for a certain period (usually a week or 10 days). This means that you decrease your calorie intake so you burn more reserved fat as you use up energy.

But what is the real connection between colon cleanse and weight loss? Colon cleansing restores the balance in your digestive system function. This means that your body will be able to absorb more nutrients from the food you eat. This lessens the body's need for food so you do not have to eat as often or as much. In addition, colon cleansing can make your digestion and metabolism faster and more efficient.

However, not that if you use up more calories than your body can burn, whether or not you have a clean colon, you will gain weight. What determines the long term effect of colon cleansing is your eating habits and lifestyle that commences after the colon cleanse. If you commit to a healthy diet consisting mostly of fiber and nutrient rich fruits and vegetables and plenty of water, supplemented by proper exercise, weight problems would probably not bother you from here on.

At large, colon cleansing will serve as an excellent trigger to give your weight loss a boost. Colon cleansing and weight loss will not only make you feel healthier within and revitalize you, but it will boost your self-esteem as well.

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