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Thinking of doing a colon cleanse fast? Note that you are in for a long haul with colon cleanse programs. Here are some important colon cleanse fasting advice to help you get through the cleansing program successfully.

Know that it is not a piece of cake. Fasting to cleanse your colon will entail no intake of solid food for 7 to 10 days. This is not something that is easy to get through. It is very difficult to resist the urge to eat solid food, especially when the temptation stares you in the face. In fact, many people fail and give up because of hunger.

Take it one day at a time. The most difficult part of colon cleanse fasting lies in the first few days. To get through the entire fast, think of it one day at a time. Do not think of the entire ten days, but promise yourself to stick with it one day at a time. Break down the fasting into smaller segments will make the task easier to get through.

Expect the worst. You will experience side effects when you fast. Aside from hunger, you will go through fatigue, aches and pains, headaches, mood swings and irritability. These are not easy to manage. However, expecting that they surely will set in the first few days, and taking comfort in the fact that they will disappear after a day or two (or three at most) will make them easier to handle. Drinking plenty of water is also very important, and actually helps get rid of the discomfort.

Do not do strenuous exercise. Remember that you have cut down your calorie intake when you fast. If you should do physical exercise, limit them to light walking and stretching. Your body will need all the energy to manage the cleansing process so save all your energy as much as you can.

Have a support group. The support of family and friends can be a big help when managing the difficulties of your colon cleanse fast. Your irritability, for example, will affect them more than you, so it is best to inform them of your fasting program so they can provide you all the moral support you need.

Keep away from stress. Avoid stress factors when doing a colon cleanse. Do not fast when you are overloaded at work or if you have potentially stressful events happening. Giving yourself more stress than what you are already going through with the cleansing program might be too much for you to handle.

Finally, make sure that you do not overdo your colon cleanse fasting program. This is probably the most important colon cleanse fasting advice to follow. Your aim for fasting is to cleanse your body of toxins, not to starve yourself to death. Know your body well and watch out for warning signals. If you think your body can only take as much, stop the fast and work your way back.

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