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Candida is a prevalent epidemic ailing modern societyand the cure is as simple as a Candida Cleanse. You might have been suffering from this condition but can be unaware of it because it acts on organs that you will never associate an intestinal fungi with. Candida albicans or yeast, which is normally found in the intestine, genital tract and throat along with certain other good and bad microorganisms, becomes a major health problem when its population exceeds the harmless quantity in which it is supposed to exist in the human body. People suffering from this ailment should definitely go for a candida cleanse as soon as possible because the infection can adversely affect overall health and fitness. While you might correctly assume that candida will affect your gastro intestinal tract, this is not the only thing that it will harm. An overgrowth of Candida albicans in the body directly affects your brain and is a cause of migraines, headaches, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety and mood swings. And of course it also affects your gastro intestinal tract causing abdominal gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion and acid reflux etcetera. You might have heard of candida causing vaginal infections, but do you know that it also causes rectal itching and a loss of sex drive in many people? You could be suffering from an overgrowth of candida if you have acne, thrush, athlete’s foot or eczema. In fact, you might not even know it but whatever health problem is ailing you could have been caused by candida. Therefore, if you suspect that you might have a candida infection, then you should definitely consult your health care practitioner and undergo a candida cleanse as soon as possible. There are many holistic methods of candida cleansing where totally natural products can be used to bring down the quantity of candida in your body. In fact, most holistic practitioners will tell you, and rightly so, that a proper cleanse is not possible with an allopathic treatment. In fact, taking too many antibiotics can increase the quantity of candida in your body and make the strain stronger. Most experts advise that you clean your colon before carrying out the cleanse because your candida cleanse products will not be able to function well in a colon that is clogged with toxic wastes. Depending upon the health of your colon, you can either go for a simple method like sea salt colon cleansing or undergo hydrotherapy if you have already been facing colon related problems.

In fact, many practitioners believe that a colon cleanse is equivalent to a candida cleanse since a master colon cleanse wipes out almost all the microorganisms from your GI tract. You can rehabilitate your colon by taking probiotics and shifting to a healthy diet that is rich in fibers and fluids and low in refined and processed foods. It is important that you take a diet where the amount of sugar, yeast and refined flour is extremely low or nil.

You might want to first take an anti fungal supplement like caprylic acid, threelac or oregano oil for two weeks. Hopefully by this time, most of the candida from your system will have been flushed out, so you will have to take probiotics for the next two weeks to help your intestinal fauna regain its natural balance. All these products come with proper instructions, and by following them as required you should very soon be able to live a healthier and more energetic life.

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