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Acai Berry Side Effects want to learn about acai berry side effects? I hope you enjoy this article. The discovery of the till now unknown acai berry by the western world has resulted in the kind of confusion that generally accompanies all new discoveries. While celebs and nutritionists are swearing by “the number one super food in the world”, the common person is unaware about whether all the hype surrounding the little berry is just propaganda or the real truth. Then again, there is always the doubt that if something has so many health benefits, then what about its side effects?

Since the acai berry is being marketed in the form of capsules, puree and other health supplements, it is natural to ask about its side effects. However, one has to note that the acai berry is after all, only a fruit and will only cause the side effects that come with eating any other fruit, which are none! But since we generally eat and buy fruits whole, getting the acai berry only in the form of capsules, juices and purees generally gives rise to doubts.

The acai berry can be cultivated only in the regions of the Amazon basin and rainforest, and a unique problem related to its preservation is that it cannot last for more than 24 hours. As a result, anyone who wants to consume this berry in the US or Europe will have to make do with its frozen or processed forms. Another point worth noting is that the fruit’s pulp forms only 10% of the total volume of the berry, which is composed of 90% pit. In order to solve logistical issues and to save on unnecessary weight, acai berry exporters in Latin America generally freeze only the pulp and get rid of the pit before the berry is transported to other countries. So if you have been worrying about why the fruit is sold only in juice and pulp forms, and worrying about the acai berry side effects, then you now know the reason behind it.

While we can assure you that any quality products like acai pulp and juices from reputable suppliers will not create or cause any acai berry side effects, the same cannot be said about supplements that contain other additives. Having pure acai pulp or juice will not interfere with any kind of medication. It will also not cause any changes in blood pressure or disturb any body function. However, many acai berry products are nowadays packaged along with guarana, which is not harmful per se, but contains caffeine. So if you consume a guarana and acai berry product, then be prepared to face the side effects of caffeine.

Acai berries in weight loss pills are also mixed with a number of other ingredients, some of which may cause certain side effects. Make sure that you check the ingredient label properly before you consume any such supplements, especially if you are already on some kind of medication.

The best way of consuming acai berries is by buying “acai-only” products, be it pulp, puree, juice or pills. This will not only save you from any kind of side effects, but will also ensure that you get the full benefits of this super berry, whether you consume it to lose weight, increase immunity, increase your energy and stamina or to improve overall health.

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