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7 Day Colon Cleanse Guide

Here is a 7 day colon cleanse guide. It is one of the most relatively convenient ways of doing a colon cleanse. It is safe and effective, and since it only requires a week of detoxification, it is rather doable. However before you go right in and do your own detox diet, here is a 7 day colon cleanse guide that should help you make the right decision when choosing a colon cleanse product.

A colon cleanse that can provide you with long term benefits must have four components. First, it must be able to break-up the intestinal sludge that are built up in the walls of your colon. It must also be able to push out all the built-up toxins out of your body. Not only that, it should be able to rid out the harmful bacteria and restore the good bacteria, and restore the optimal function and balance of the digestive system even after the 7-day program is completed.

The 7 day colon cleanse works because it covers all four components. The 7 day colon cleans contains natural laxatives such as cape aloe, cascara sagrada, and senna, all of which are able to breakup hardened fecal matter stuck in the intestine. Once the old fecal matter is loose, sufficient support from herbs such as psyllium husk can absorb that liquid and gather the clumps as they are led further down the intestines. Since it has the capacity to absorb liquids, it is easier for the stool to pass for easy bowel movement.

Thirdly, the 7-day colon cleanse contains fennel and flaxseed, both of which contain elements for toxin absorption and for eliminating gas. This is a very important aspect in the 7 day colon cleanse. It is important for the colon cleanser to effectively absorb all the toxins so that they will altogether be flushed out of the body. Finally, it is also equally important that your colon cleanser maintains the natural flora in the body even as it destroys harmful bacteria and other elements. It should not destroy the intestinal flora which are important to maintain regularity and balance in digestive functions.

Through this 7 day colon cleanse guide, you should now have a good idea on the important aspects of a safe and effective detox experience. To render optimum results, you should choose a colon cleansing product which have the right ingredients at their right amounts.

Whichever product you choose, make sure you read the labels carefully and take it as directed. Moreover, you will be directed to follow a strict diet, which consists of drinking plenty of water and eating food that are rich in fiber and nutrients. Combined with a healthy diet, a good 7 day colon cleanse programs proves to be one of the safest and most effective ways to rid your body of harmful toxins, enjoy its benefits and restore your overall health.

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